Commendable Job
Yateem Foundation is doing commendable job. Should be emulated by other people.
Advocate Qazi Ahadullah, (Chairman J&K Yateem Khana), Srinagar.
Merits all Support
Good work, deserves all appreciation, merits all support. Allah bless the (Yateem) Foundation.
Nasir Mirza, Senior Faculty, MERC, Kashmir University.
Excellent Work
Very good. Excellent work done by JKYF.
Dr. Manzoor, CAO, Ex. Dy. Director (Finance Department) J&K.
Actual form of Haqooq-ul-Ibad
Al-Hamdulillah . Many thanks to Allah Almighty that fully dedicated, zealous and Kind hearted youngsters have started this great Foundation (JKYF). It is really serving the community and deserving orphans which is the actual form of "Haqooq-ul-Ibad" (rights of people). May Allah bless the Foundation and its workers and volunteers.
Dr. Mir Mohammad Maqbool,
(ENT Specialist, President Shafaqat School For Children with multiple disabilities, Bemina).
JKYF; A Credible Organisation
It is indeed a matter of joy for me to attend 12th Annual Day programme of J&K Yateem Foundation and know about its activities. It is heartening to know that during a brief period since its inception, the Foundation has earned laurels and credibility in the entire society and is engaged in the areas that are considered to be most critical owing to the aftermath of turbulence that is still on in some or the other form. I wish the organizers all the best in all their endeavors.
Syed Shakeel Qalandar,
Former President Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK), Srinagar.
Great Move
It is really a great move done by the institution. They have done a great job in making people aware about the plight of needy people and encouraged people to help them. We pray for the prosperity of this institution.
Firdous Hassan, Journalist, English Kashmir Monitor, Srinagar.
We feel part of JKYF
In the annals of MERC's history this is a most significant event and the first of its kind. We whole heartedly feel part of your establishment and look forward to being associated in whatever possible way. Yateem Foundation mission is a great role model for all of us.
Dr. Sabeha Mufti, Sr Lecturer, MERC, Kashmir University.
My heart bleeds for unfortunate Children
My heart bleeds for the unfortunate children of this bruised land. After watching your AV presentation, I am pained but equally inspired to contribute my small bit towards this noble cause. Please feel free to ask for any help/aid I can dispense humbly. May Allah bless you All!
Syeda Afshana, Sr Lecturer, MERC, Kashmir University.
We should work together
I would just like to say very briefly that we should all work towards the welfare and rehabilitation of widows, orphans and destitute. MERC can do a lot in this regard by becoming voice of this voiceless section of society.
Malik Zahra Khalid, Lecturer MERC, Kashmir University.
Orphanage is not a solution
The orphans are receiving good facilities here but I think it is not the solution. If an orphan has mother he/she should be with his/ her mother. Once the orphan comes out of the orphanage he/she might face problems at his/her home.
Salma Shabir, R/O. Baghat Barzulla.
Always at your disposal
In my personal opinion, the J&K Yateem Foundation is doing a wonderful job and they are definitely doing service to the nation and especially the poor and needy people.
I wish them all success and any help from my side, I am always at your disposal.
Dr. Zorawar Singh, Consultant Pharmacology, Govt. Medical College Sgr.
Great Work
This is my first visit on the occasion of Annual Day. I am very much delighted to see the great work done. I pray to Almighty God to help us all to keep it up.
Ashok K. Jain, M/s Kasturi Lal Jain & Sons, Srinagar.
JKYF Deserves Appreciation
I feel myself the luckiest one to be the part of this function. I am already aware of the work done by the J&K Yateem Foundation but to be present in this function gives different feelings altogether. At least let me congratulate all the executive members and donors of the foundation. all the executive members, volunteers and workers deserve appreciation.
Ashiq Hussain Masoodi, Chairman Oasis Group Of Schools, Srinagar.
Awareness is the need of hour
I congratulate J&K Yateem Foundation to organize such programmes where the members of society, are being invited and made to participate in the event. I hope in future the organization will continue to organize such functions not annually but after every three months to make people of society aware or awaken about the social responsibility. This should become part of day to day life of every citizen. In present system and scenario the awareness about such programmes is need of the hour.
Muslim Jan, Editor MERC, Kashmir University.
We are with you
John Milton's dictum "Those also serve who also stand and wait" is no way going to help those unfortunate children of our Kashmir. The last 20 years of agony, sorrow, loss and pain has snatched their smiles. Your organization is doing a wonderful job to help bring back this smile. We at Kashmir university are with you for this great cause. Allah bless you, Allah bless your foundation.
Showkat Shafi, Spokesperson-(PRO), Kashmir University.
Thank You JKYF
I thank you for taking care of my brothers and sisters. I feel highly indebted. May Allah reward you as He is the best to reward.
Raashid Maqbool, Lecturer MERC, Kashmir University.
JKYF on right path
I found the role of J&K Yateem Foundation towards social concerns, issues, problems and solutions very excellent. They are very clear in basic perceptions and very gentle in help to the needy fellows without any human errors. I am sure that in future years this institution under the umbrella of dynamic, capable, sincere and potential people with high amount of mission & vision will surpass the excellence and contribution for supporting the cause of orphans, widows and destitute. May Allah prosper this institution with its laid down mission & objective...Aameen.
(Dr) Prof. S. Mufeed Ahmad,
Head, MERC and Prof Business School, University of Kashmir.
Make Orphans Performing Assets
Masha- Allah J&K Yateem Foundation is doing an Excellent Job. A Service to Orphans ,Widows and Destitute which will be richly rewarded . May Allah (SWT) accept their efforts.
I Suggest:
Setting up of Research and Development Centre.
(i). To place exact facts regarding number of Orphans
(ii). To work out A to Z solutions for Orphans & Widows
(iii). To make Orphans Performing Assets to the world.
Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad,CEO, Al-Shifa Hospital Bengaluru , Karnataka.
Well Done Bait-ul-Hilal
I have seen the good facilities which what the hostel provides to the residents. Apart from academic activities, moral and religious education is also imparted, which is excellent. "May God (SWT) help the organization to continue this service"
Manzoor-ul-Hassan, Research Scholar, Srinagar.
All the best
It was really good to interact with children and see the infrastructure developed in the orphanage (Bait-ul-Hilal). All the best for all future endeavours.
Saba Ahmad, Child Line India Foundation, New Delhi.
Best Home
The best we have seen in the country
Richa Sahi,
(Creative Head NDTV 24x7),
Shruti Sharman, Khursheed Khan, C/O. NDTV 24x7.