Remember Them Round The Clock, Round The Year
By the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT), the holy month of Ramadhan has passed off and thanking Almighty Allah (SWT) for enabling us to keep fast and perform other obligatory worship. May Allah accept our small endeavours. Eid ul Fitr is an expression of thankfulness to Allah (SWT) and joyful festival of muslim Ummah.
Infact, the holy Ramadhan teaches us several lessons---one of the most important lessons is that we understand the value of food & water when we are hungry or thirsty. While fasting we would feel pain for those who don't have anything to eat or drink for survival. Similarly, we learn about resisting our legal temptation by not eating, drinking lawful drinks or having any type of food material while keeping fast, purely for the sake of Allah (SWT).
Mashallah, those who performed Ramadhan specific worship satisfactorily and paid zakat, sadaqat and other alms just to seek pleasure of Almighty Allah (SWT), really would attain salvation and surely get great rewards from Allah (SWT).
Similarly, for those who sincerely work and spend their valuable time, resources & energy for the great cause of the welfare & rehabilitation of orphans, widows, poor, needy & destitute in one way or the other, the reward will surely come from Allah (SWT).
Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has said, "The one who looks after a widow or a poor person is like a Mujahid (warrior) who fights for Allah's Cause, or like him who performs prayers all the night and fasts all the day." (Sahih al Bukhari, Vol 7, Book 64, Number 265).
Similarly, as per another Hadith in Tirmidhi, those who spend in charity is
a great deed by virtue of which they are nearer to Allah (SWT); nearer to Paradise (Jannah); nearer to people and keeps them away from Hell (Dozukh). It is heartening to mention that we are highly encouraged by the magnanimity of the well-wishers, donors & contributors who visit our Baitul Hilal at Jawahar Nagar & Chawalgam Kulgam; all district and tehsil offices including Jammu division offices besides those who contribute their Zakat, Sadaqat & Khairat through JKYF Bank Accounts. Infact, we are indebted to all generous men & women who remain concerned about the welfare & well being of the orphans, widows, poor, needy & deserving people during Ramadhan and extend great support for the cause. We salute their CONCERN & COMMITMENT.
We cannot overlook challenges ahead of us in the form of over 2 LAKH Orphan Boys & Girls in J&K State; over 32,000 WIDOWS; over 30,000 Orphan & Poor UNMARRIED GIRLS seeking financial assistance to solemnize their SIMPLE NIKAH besides lakhs of poor, needy & deserving seeking minimum levels of subsistence for their survival.
So, we have a great responsibility to contribute our maximum possible to get these hapless fellow beings on our side so that they could also live a dignified and better life. We have to go a long way in accomplishing our gigantic unfinished task.
My humble appeal to the volunteers, well-wishers, donors, contributors and the concerned, is that we must go for self introspection and hold our heads in humility before Almighty Allah (SWT). Our understanding must be clear that we have a big responsibility towards our brothers and sisters who are in
continuous despair, agony and experience ordeal round the clock.
We must remember that all these hapless & destitute brethren need continuous & sustainable monetary, emotional & psychological help & support, round the clock & round the year because their survival, healthcare & other day to day needs are similar to those whom Allah (SWT) has bestowed with all resources to live happy & dignified life.
May Allah (SWT) bless all of us with his great bounties and give understanding and sincerity of purpose for continuing the humble efforts aimed at welfare & rehabilitation of needy & deserving sections of our community as the Islamic Shariah ordains us to do.
May Allah (SWT) guide us to work sincerely.
Our call is the same.
Let us Join Hands
for Welfare&
Rehabilitation of
Orphans, Widows &

is Your Partner
Mohammad Rafiq Lone
J&K Yateem Foundation