on inculcating sense of empathy for orphans, widows & destitute, through genuine result oriented awareness campaigns. The genuine Islamic scholars, Ulema, organizations and others concerned need to play pro active role publicly highlighting the challenges related to these important issues besides coming up with workable solutions and strategies to tackle issues like remarriage of widows, etc.
All genuine literate, educated & other sections of civil society need to come forward with their practical support & coordination for devising better programmes & strategies for the welfare & rehabilitation of orphans, widows & destitute.
The   Govt   departments   and   related
agencies must come up with information about provisions, allocations & expenditure details about various social welfare schemes & programmes publicly, so that the deserving could be benefitted.
National, Overseas and International Aid Agencies & individual contributors must extend their helping hand to local genuine & credible NGOs, voluntary organizations, to supplement this humanitarian work. In this regard, the Govt has the constitutional obligation to facilitate the work.
Media, both print & electronic, writers, scholars, intellectuals, columnists, opinion leaders, students etc, have a great role & responsibility to highlight the plight of orphans, widows and destitute in proper perspective. They must also come up with solutions of problems, deficiencies & discrepancies in the present structure of activities related to the welfare & rehabilitation of destitute.
May Allah (SWT) guide us to work sincerely.
Let us Join Hands
for Welfare&
Rehabilitation of
Orphans, Widows &

is Your Partner
May Allah (SWT) bless all of us with his choicest blessings... Aameen.